Parrot Outsmarts Harvard Students in Memory Game

By Vincent Liu

Recently, Griffin the African grey parrot outsmarted Harvard students in a memory game. The parrot was experimented upon to find out more about the bird’s brain. In one experiment, he played memory games with Harvard Students and either outperformed them or matched them. Griffin has proved that some birds may possess better visual memories than even human adults. According to reporters at Dogo News, "this study, led by Hrag Pailian, had Griffin compete in the shell game against twenty-one undergraduate students and twenty-one six to eight year old children." In a shell game, small objects are hidden underneath cups or nutshells and then shuffled around.Griffin and the undergraduates conducted 120 tests, while the children did 36. Griffin might have just changed the thoughts of a large portion of the world. Before this experiment, people didn’t think very highly of parrots and birds. Now they think differently. Lots of people think birds are really smart now.



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