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Pardons, Are They Bad Or Good?

By Andrew Chan

The pardon is a special power given to the president to excuse anybody from the crimes they have committed. Except, throughout the years, it has been seen as a bit controversial. Some think that the pardon is good, while others think it is bad. In 2020, we have all seen how the presidential pardon can be abused with Donald Trump, which is why I think the pardon is bad.

Past-president Donald Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynnhas put the power the pardon holds back in the titles of articles. Trump pardoning Michael Flynn has also started rumors that Trump might even use the power of the pardon to spare his family, as well as him from criminal charges and prosecution. Though Trump has not used the power excessively, I still feel as if Trump will use the pardon to let him, his family, and even Trump supporters get away from their wrong doings.


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