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Pandemic Memories Will Stay With Our Children

Dear Mr. Simon,

I am writing this to tell you how I feel about your article “Pandemic Memories Will Stay With Our Children”First, I like how you started with a simile, comparing the pandemic and a race. It was a really good hook to start your article. Also, I like how you said specifically how much percent of people were vaccinated, had at least one shot, and how many hospitalized people had not gotten vaccinated. I also like how you provided questions to make the reader think about the consequences and guess what will happen.

I agree with you that pandemic memories will stay with children because this pandemic is memorable. I am a child myself, and I will remember these times when I am older: the masks, not seeing my friends and not going to school. But some good things about the pandemic are that even though you can’t see your friends in-person, you can always see them on a screen without a risk. Another good thing about going online is going on learning resources and websites that help you. The pandemic experience is very memorable.

Some things you could work on is making the article a bit longer and giving more examples. Overall, I think this is a well-written article and you did a very good job.


Celina Yin

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