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Opinion: Should the voting age be lowered?

By Andrew Tan

To vote for a president currently, you must be 18 years old or older. But, some people are trying to change that. In my opinion I think we shouldn’t change the voting age. Here are some reasons why I think that.

If they did lower the voting age so that 10-year-old boys and girls could vote, the tides would turn because there are way more people. Some kids might not know how to fill the form out for voting and might vote for some president randomly. They also wouldn’t go by their own feelings because all their friends are voting for one but you like another. They might pressure you to vote for someone. How about 16-year-old teens? Also, it doesn't mean that “since you can drive you can vote.” These two don’t have anything in common. Another thing is, some teens don’t think about who they are voting for. If you are going to vote for someone, you must know their background and what good or bad things they did. For voting, you must be mature enough and have responsibility.

In conclusion, these are my personal reasons why voting age should not be lowered.



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