Opinion: Do we still need movie theaters?

By Andrew Tan

On December 5, Regal announced plans to temporarily close all of its theaters in the United States. Since the coronavirus pandemic, most people have watched movies at home.

In my opinion, I think that we don’t need movie theaters. Firstly, there are lots of gems everywhere in the theaters. Some people also wipe their hands on the chairs if their hands are dirty from eating. And you might touch the exact spot where they touched. The theaters are also dirty, and noisy. If we would watch at home there are a variety of movies that you could pick. You can also sit somewhere comfy and pause your movie at any time you want to. In addition, the movies are expensive there and at home some people stream videos for free. Furthermore, you don’t have to drive anywhere to watch a movie. You can watch a movie anytime at home. At the movie theater, people bring kids that can’t handle what the movie is showing so they will whine about it. In a movie theater, most of the people are eating a kind of food. All you hear is people munching. No one would have to waste money on it if the movie theaters close. On the other side, the people that worked for movies would lose their jobs. But, they could all look for new ones. Movies have huge screens, loud sounds, and comfortable seats. In conclusion, watching movies at home isn’t as complicated as watching movies at the movie theater.



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