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Once Upon a Time...

By Kevin Bao

Once upon a time, there was a person named Badboyhalo. He was a real trouble maker. The king of the lands, Dream, was always really mad at him. Sapnap, Badboyhalo’s young apprentice in training, was also a very, very bad person. He would follow the misdirection of the insanely evil Badboyhalo. Gogy AKA Georgenotfound was the apprentice of the super powerful Dream. Gogy was training to be the most powerful man to ever walk the galaxy. But, one day they saw people walking over onto their land. They wanted to claim this land for themselves. They cheered “L’manburg, L’manburg, L’manburg”. These fools didn’t know who they were messing with. So they gathered the Dream Team. With Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Dream, Gogy and the newly recruited Punz were not gonna take back what was rightfully theirs. But, before bloodshed happened they wanted to have a meeting with these people from L’manburg. The people from L’manburg were called TommyInnit, Tubbo_, Wilbur Soot, ItsFundy and Eret_. But what the Dream Team was really gonna do was find out who was the weakest upon the group and make him a traitor. So they went to talk to Eret_. Later, there was the battle of people all over the holy land. But, no one had seen the Dream Team. So when all the fighting was over Eret_ led them to a secret place. There they got ambushed and all died (Except for Eret_). Sure they were mad at Eret_, but they sadly marched out of the holy land.

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