On Sports Bubbles

By: Charles Xue

Dear editor,

I’m writing this article to address a small problem in your article. But first, I want to say that I thought your article was solid. It provided a very good explanation of how the sports bubbles work and how effective they are. However, you glossed over an important part of the sports bubbles, the cooperation of the players. In your article, you focus so much on the structure of the sports bubbles, you didn’t include more than a sentence or two about how the players followed guidelines. You praised the commissioners of the leagues and the organizers of the bubbles to a point where you forgot to expand on how important it is that the players cooperate. I believe it's the players who are going through the most stress right now. It’s the players who have to follow guidelines and restrictions and deal with the stress of living on their own for a month, and it’s the players who determine if the sports bubbles work or not.

Charles Xue


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