On Infinity

By: Alex Lee

Infinity. Something that is taught to toddlers. But, how big is infinity? Interesting that people are unable to imagine this amount yet still teach children the concept of it. When many imagine infinity- space and math might be the biggest two ideas that pop up with it. Yet, the concept is so much more intriguing and interesting. There is infinitely big, infinitely small, there is infinitely numerous, or infinitely lacking. Take the possibilities of humans. The human brain has an infinite amount of ideas, and within there are an infinite possible of ways to go around that task.

Organized infinity is easier to understand, such as numbers. These have a pattern: 1,2,3,4,5… to infinity. Don’t actually do that, but the idea is that there is a set pattern and you will know what will follow. It describes a way to organize. This is most typically seen in math, such as with graphs. If no limitation is made by the equation there will be an infinite amount of numbers going in two directions. Thinking about these graphs, even the smallest line on a graph will have an infinite amount of points on it. There is no limit to the amount of numbers counting from 0 to 1. Even how small it goes it will still go on forever.

Chaotic infinity is scary. It is what space is. Endless, unknown, dangerous. This is such as irrational numbers in algebra. These are unnatural, with no pattern or way of understanding it. It is like the term pi (is most known for its use in finding dimensions of circles). This is where Chaos Theory has been created by mathematicians. This theory focuses on chaos, the idea of where the approximate present will not be able to determine the approximate future, with small differences that can create humongous diverging ideas. This is where the idea of when a butterfly in China will cause a hurricane in Texas.

Infinity is a complicated mess that even if we are unable to understand surrounds us. We are made up of infinitely small structures that may be even smaller than we expect, and just by looking up we see infinity. We are given an infinite amount of choices with our lives, and quite possibly an infinite amount of possibilities from it.

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