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No Snow Days

By Jeddy Yu

In Canada some kids were very disappointed, when during their snow day instead of having no homework and playing in the snow, they had to write a book report. Some 7th graders said, “Some people look forward to snow, and they just took it away from us.” Waterloo announced that during snow days kids would not be logging into their virtual classroom, but rather doing assignments on their own. Best friends Healey and Lauren used to do a ritual to “make it snow:” they would wear pajamas outside and brush their teeth with the opposite hand, and while they were sleeping they would also have a spoon underneath their pillows. These two friends said, “what’s the point of staying home if we have to do virtual lessons, we would rather see our friends.” This shows that snow days are bad for them because they would rather go to school to see friends. The board of education’s chief, John P. Shewick said that they did this so that kids can still access learning. Other schools are starting to also do the same thing on snow days as Waterloo all across Ontario. Lauren and Healey said that even though it’s not a lot of work, they don’t want to work on a snow day.


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