No Movie Theaters

By Jeddy Yu

I do not think that we still need movie theaters because especially during this time you can easily watch movies from home. Going to the movie theaters means a risk of getting coronavirus, even though there is not much of a difference between what you can watch at the movie theater and what you can watch at home. Although going to a movie theater allows you to look at a huge screen, you also have to pay and drive there. At home, you can buy the DVD and you can keep replaying it as many times as you want; even though it may be a little more expensive at first, it has unlimited replay. You can also watch movies with your friend if you want at home. The snacks at movie theaters are also very overpriced, but at home you can enjoy the snacks you like for a much cheaper price. During a movie there are so many advertisements at the beginning, while on DVDs there are no ads. You also don’t have to worry about getting bad seating at home because you can just move, but in a movie theater you have an assigned seat. There are also so many extra steps like driving there, then getting tickets, walking to the correct room, watching a bunch of ads, and then finally watching your movie. While at home, all you need to do is put in the DVD and sit back and watch.



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