No More Snow Days in Canada

By Brayden Yin

Two Ontario kids say that no more snow days is a “bummer”. On November 18, The Waterloo Catholic District School Board launched a project called Weather Impacted Distance Learning Days, where students don’t go to school. Instead, they learn from home. On December 1, instead of playing outside in one foot of snow, Healey Stirling and Lauren Letts had to work on a book report.

This new learning system is meant to “help kids” to “learn” during the pandemic, when in reality, it is just a nuisance. Snow days are a popular part of many kids’ school year, and with coronavirus changing everything in its path, snow days will be gone as well.

Other Ontario schools are following the example of Healey and Lauren’s school district. A number of school districts in the Toronto area like Peel, York, and Durham have also started testing new approaches to snow days.

However, in other places in Canada, like Newfoundland, snow days have not been canceled yet. Canceled snow days also won’t happen in Winnipeg, says Radean Carter, a spokesperson for the Winnipeg School Division.

The two Ontario kids have a message to other Canadian children who get to play in the snow and have snow days: Don’t “take it for granted and be bored all day”.



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