NHL Starting Again on August 1st Despite Risks

By Vincent Liu

The NHL is planning to resume the season, as it was cut short in March due to coronavirus. Despite the risks, currently, it’s going pretty well. NHL player Auston Matthews did get Covid-19 last month. However, Matthews said he was mostly fine and didn’t have many symptoms and felt pretty normal for the first two weeks. “ I did my quarantine and I'm feeling healthy now, so it's all good,” says Matthews. Lots of training camps have also resumed. There are some rules though. There will be no fans in arenas during games. Players won’t be required to wear masks on the ice. Players will, however, have to wear masks if they go outside their hotel rooms. 

The pandemic is also getting a lot better death-wise. Even though the cases are still rising, there are a lot fewer deaths than when the pandemic started. Though the people in the U.S. are still all in quarantine, the Covid-19 outbreak is definitely getting better.



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