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New Technology Protects Turtle Eggs From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

By Warren Feng

Many scientists have noticed that turtle eggs are being stolen by poachers, people who steal and sell the eggs for money. However, a new technology made near the beginning of October named the InvestEGGator is a solution to this problem.

A scientist by the name of Kim Williams-Guillen works to help protect animals living in Costa Rica. While watching police TV shows, she came up with an idea so good that it earned a $10,000 prize. She was among the people who realized that poachers stole eggs in Costa Rica, and she created InvestEGGator. This was a 3D-printed ball, designed to look like a turtle egg, once a small slit was made, electronics could be inserted, which could track the egg’s location. Researchers put fake eggs in 101 turtle nests, in which about 25 nests had eggs stolen. After some research, scientists realized that they can use this system to protect other animals, such as sharks.


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