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NASA Joins the Hunt for UFOs

By: Yuer Li

NASA is the United States Government Agency for Science and Tech related to air and space. NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. According to the Washington Post, NASA will join the hunt for UFOs. They joined the hunt for UFOs because of In the interest of homeland security.

NASA announced this weeks after the 1st hearing in 50 years in Congress on sightings on UFOs. Known as a Science AND Technology agency, they believe they have the tools and team to “improve our understanding of the unknown.” Thomas Zurbuchen, head of NASA Science directorate, is determined to push NASA to take on risky projects, even though they may not be considered mainstream by the scientific community.

NASA will be led by David Spergel, who is the President of the Simons Foundation in New York, and Daniel Evans, the assistant deputy for research at NASA. As NASA projects go, this one is cheap. The study will last nine months and cost no more than $100,000. Zurbuchen, said “it will be independent from efforts by the Pentagon." Spergel has said there is not yet a working hypothesis that can explain UFOs. But he believes there is a wide range of what may be accounting for these events. NASA is studying water on Mars, exploring the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, and now studying UFOs to help them discover life beyond Earth.

UFO Fun Facts

• Reports started around 1947

• Barney and Betty Hill Were supposedly the first to be abducted by aliens

• There is a law in the US which makes it illegal for US citizens to have any contact with the extraterrestrials or their vehicles

• Kenneth Arnold is known as the first person to report A UFO sighting

UFOs continue to Baffle Scientists. For Now. (BUM BUM BUMMM!!!)

ARTICLE LINK: *NASA joins hunt for UFOs - The Washington Post.pdf

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