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Nanjing: New Virus Outbreak Worst Since Wuhan, Says Chinese State Media

By Moya Zhao

There has been a new Covid outbreak that was first discovered in Nanjing. It has since spread to five provinces in Beijing and is being called the largest scaled contagion after Wuhan.

This virus was first detected in the busy airport in the city of Nanjing, with nearly 200 people being infected. This naturally caused all the flights from the airport to be suspended until August 11. City -wide testing has already begun for 9.3 million of the residents all while being criticized for their “failure.”

Pictures have also surfaced on social media of the lines waiting for testing. Authorities have put the locals under intense regulations urging them to stand at least 6-feet apart with masks on to avoid as much contact as possible.

Officials have said that this was caused by the Delta Variant, an incredibly contagious new variation of

the Covid 19 pandemic, adding that it spread so easily due to how busy the airport is.

Ding Jie is a health official who has reported that the cleaning on flights has not been as strict as they should be. The airport management has also been criticized, with the senior disciplinary body of the Communist Party saying it had “problems such as lack of supervision and unprofessional management.”

With the results of even more tests, it shows that the virus has spread to 13 cities including the capital of Beijing and Chengdu, though officials say that it can still be controlled. These new spikes in cases have been causing doubt around the chinese vaccine and whether it works against the Delta Variant.

Many South East Asian countries using China’s vaccine have stated that they will be doing other things to combat the virus as well. So far, China has done a good job at keeping this under control and has been able to stop many local outbreaks.



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