Mount Sinabung Erupts, Causes Chaos

By Kevin Bao

Mount Sinabung erupted in Indonesia during the long quarantine. The eruption of Mount Sinabung affected schools and a lot of other stuff within its range. The range of this explosion is as high as 5000 ft so that could be the range of 3 sq miles minimum. The explosion wrecked people’s cars and filled them with ash.

Mount Sinabung is in the ring of fire, which is basically a partial circle of volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean. Mount Sinabung is one of the volcanoes that is in the ring of fire. This means that this probably isn’t the first time it erupted. Because it is in the ring of fire, it is more likely to erupt because of tectonic plates shifting near it. Mount Sinburg being along the ring of fire is not so shocking a thing, but the explosion and the destruction it caused has shocked the people who used to live nearby.

All in all, this eruption damaged a lot of schools, cars, houses and people. These types of eruptions can happen every once a year, so be careful.



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