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Mother Nature

By Andrew Guan

The bright and shining Sun

The Titan Helios, the godly perfection

The sweet-smelling flowers

Breezing through the windy hours.

The mountains rise tall

Looming over the many small

Creatures prowling below.

Oh! To be one of them, incognito.

Animals of all kinds

Including bears, humans, and hinds

Prance about with fury

Nothing short of earthly.

The ocean rages

Baby blue waters filled with promises

Terrible yet majestic

Unforgiving yet angelic.

Most important of all

Is a life being, strong with morale.

Humans, a species of wonder

Taking their places in the world of splendor.

Humans, a species of mystery

Spreading and inventing like a fantasy

Humans, a species of complexity

None can compare, an example of superiority

Humans, a species of emotion

Love, courtship, and compassion

This is why we whisper:

“This is Mother Nature.”

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