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By: Andrew Lou

In a small town named Rockford, people are repeatedly going missing. The days have become hopeless, as you don’t know who’s good and who’s not. You can sit across from a murderer at lunch or with a regular guy who wants to eat his sandwich peacefully you won’t even know the difference.

Meanwhile, police around town are trying to figure out the mystery of the three missing boys. Two were found dead in an attic of an abandoned house, spiderwebs stuck from the ceiling, and wood creaks when you walk across, but one is still missing. A local teenager named Caleb follows this news; he wants to become a well-known detective.

It is a scorching Tuesday; Caleb searches on his computer for clues about the disappearance. His room is messy with drinks on the floor, which his dad isn’t pleased about. His dad leaves for food while his mother is at work.

A few hours later, he still can’t find anything; he asks his little brother “Where can he be?.”

His “brother” answers,“I don’t know, I’m under the lake.”

Just then, Caleb’s dad walks in and asks him who he’s talking to. Caleb says he’s talking to his brother, and it is just then his dad says: “Son, you don’t have a brother.”

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