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Microsoft to Buy TikTok Amid Security Concerns

By: Evan Mei

On Sunday, tech giant Microsoft stated that it would continue with buying TikTok while safety concerns affiliated with the Chineses Communist Party have been rising indefinitely. and after discussions with Donald Trump regarding the purchase of Tik Tok, the runway is clear for Microsoft to purchase Tiktok.

President Trump has recently announced that he will ban TikTok, the beloved app with hours worth of memes and dances. This angered a lot of young teenagers, as this app is considered a sanctuary by many young Americans. Trump’s decision comes in the wake of his realization that TikTok is technically from China, meaning that personal information could potentially be gathered and stored in Chinese databases. India made this move before Trump, banning TikTok and many other Chinese apps.

Ever since the app went from the name “Musically” to “Tik Tok”, the app exploded.

Trump will not stand for any app that is even remotely affiliated with storage in Chinese databases. He will try to eliminate any Chinese apps, one of his methods being purchasing the app using a company. He will continue to pressure China until he gets what he wants, and in this case, it is the sale of TikTok.

He blames China for allowing the virus to spread to such an abnormal extent, and allowing the virus to knock over the economy and his chances at reelection. He has relentlessly challenged Beijing in the fields of cybersecurity, technology, and relations between countries. Trump does this all in an effort to hopefully win the hearts of the voters in the reelection, and show that he will have a policy of unconditional strength.

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