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By: Chloe Kwon

The streets of Maui, Lahaina, burnt to the ground as two figures floated on top of the ocean. The two figures were Jubee Bedoya, and a stranger’s 2-year-old, both overwhelmed and depressed by how they could only watch their homeland burn to the ground. They clung onto a piece of plywood, swimming helplessly in the Pacific Ocean.

As we were in the water, we heard people screaming," Bedoya tells TODAY's Miguel Almaguer. "It’s like someone just dropped a bomb."

Bedoya’s devastating experience was not the only one that was scary, the total toll of death toll was around 96 people.

Noah Tompkinson, 19, and his 13-year-old brother both fled to the ocean with their mother in hand. They also floated there until it was safe, huddling around their mother to keep her warm.

“We didn’t save her," the elder brother said to TODAY "She also saved us.”

Another Maui resident, Mike Cicchino and his wife, Andreza, also had to run to the ocean to escape the burning flames and toppling trees.

"The current was pulling us out," Mike Cicchino told NBC News correspondent Dana Griffin on TODAY. "You can’t see anything. At one point, we have fire on us, and we don’t know where land is."

The wildfires of Maui are still burning along the coastline. The rescuers fear that more may be dead since they only have access to the outsides of buildings, not the insides.

We are still waiting to hear more about the death tolls in Maui.

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