Letter to the Editor: Will masks save more lives than the recent coronavirus vaccine?

By Julia Xiao

Dear editor,

I completely agree with your view of masks and the vaccine. Masks will definitely help save thousands of lives before the vaccine would come into effect. Many people, especially the Republicans that you have pointed out, have refused to wear masks, stating that the mask is suffocating and violates human rights.

Nurses and doctors are out there trying their best to save lives, but the people who refuse to wear masks are just adding unnecessary and bothersome amounts of work to their plate. The many tweets and posts that have encouraged the refusal of masks have been spreading misinformation about masks.

Large gatherings should definitely be avoided to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The holidays would not help the increasing infection rates, due to family gatherings and parties. Covid-19 cases are predicted to increase dramatically by the end of the holiday break.

Masks should be worn in public at all times. Many public places should and have made masks mandatory. The number of new infections and deaths are still increasing. Until vaccines have been put to full use and lowered the infection and death rates by at least 50%, people should not start to hold gatherings again or stop wearing masks.





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