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Letter to the Editor: Tokyo Olympics

Dear James Wagner,

I have finished reading your article about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and I have many opinions. But most of all, I was incredibly shocked to see this aspect of the Olympics and I was very interested by the information provided in your article.

First off, I wanted to acknowledge the way it was written. I don’t have particularly high standards when it comes to language and vocabulary but I really did still enjoy how it was reading this essay. I liked how the format was, starting with an example and then a thorough explanation of the events and the impact of it. It’s a rather short essay but it was still very insightful.

I was also fond of the many perspectives offered in this passage. It had details of the struggles, the gains, and most important, the outlook from the point of view of an athlete. I haven’t read many articles about the financial struggles and overall problems they face. This topic isn’t extremely broad and this gave me a lot more information than I had expected.

From the explanation of what the athletes received to the unexpectedly heartwarming events written in here. There were multiple individuals mentioned in this article and I really appreciated it. This was able to show the different circumstances and the happenings to all of them.

All in all, I really enjoyed your writing and this was able to inform me about quite a lot and I am very grateful for it. The writing was consistently interesting and it made me all the more enthusiastic to consume the information given. I liked this topic and the exploration beyond the scope of winning and losing in the olympics. Thank you.


Moya Zhao

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