Letter to the Editor: Music during Lockdown

By Lauren Yue

Taylor Swift is making music during this pandemic because I think she is bored at home or because of her love for music. I think this is a rational choice to do and you are not meeting anyone. You can do this if you are bored at home. Make yourself have fun, be happy! Taylor Swift is not the only person making music, and that is not surprising. The people make art pieces, sing, make songs, make books and publish it after the pandemic (which I don’t know how long), and do the things they like. People do what they love like what Taylor Swift is doing. And Taylor Swift looked very pretty in a picture! I don’t exactly know her that much, but after I read this article, that made me know a lot more about Taylor Swift and what she's doing right now.  And i hope Kanye West can release his album. I’m really excited to see his album. I really liked this story and I like Taylor Swift even if I don’t have instagram, Tik Tok, or snapchat. I’m one of her fans and I’ll try and keep up with her.



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