Letter to the Editor: I think that Investigating Mars is a Good Idea

By Andy Dong

According to CBC kids news, the United States, China and the United Arab Emirates are sending unmanned robots on a journey to Mars. Well, you might ask why? Why are they sending robots to Mars? Mars has lots of secrets that scientists hope to discover. Going to the planet will not be easy though: the robots will have to plunge through its red skies and avoid boulders and cliffs.  What scientists hope to find on Mars is evidence of what Mars was like when it had lots of lakes and oceans. They also want to find out what life could be like if humans could live there, and want to search what kind of life may live there. So far, the US has been the only ones who have successfully landed a spacecraft on the planet. Mars, over the years, has been a junkyard for more than half of all robots who have attempted the journey. Some crash landed and some blew up. It will take at least 6 months to land. I think that this is all a good thing because it is very interesting and most of us would like to know more about our solar system. For example, learning about our solar system helps scientists answer questions about how it works and its formation. We can discover how it became what it is now, how life evolved, and more.


CBC kids news

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