Letter to the Editor: I Think that Eating Meat is Good

By Andy Dong

Alexa Troob said in her letter on Nytimes.com that she thinks that eating less meat is better than eating meat. She thinks eating less meat is better because the meat that we get is from animals. Alexa Troob says that letting animals die and eating them is bad because the animals have to suffer. I don’t agree because even though we do kill them, meat is a daily food that we often eat and use. Meat is part of the protein section and protein is important. If you look at the Myplate chart...

If you can see, the protein section is just as important as fruit. You also can eat meat a lot of ways too: cooked, grilled, cut up, etc. If you eat a meal without meat, you might not enjoy the meal a lot. This is why I think that we should eat meat.



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