Letter to the Editor: for The Washington Post

By Brayden Yin

Dear Editor,

I am writing to comment on your story published on July 22, “Stone tools discovered in Mexico point to earlier North American settlers.”

For example, does Ruth Gruhn think that the cave is 20,000 years old? The wording of the last paragraph was a bit confusing and I suggest that it be simplified. 

Another critical area is that there might be the idea that some cavemen might have gone into the cave, made some tools, left the unsatisfactory ones, and left. If all of the tools found in the cave were satisfactory, and there was a large amount of them, I think it might be worth mentioning.

There is another part that kept me wondering. What type of rock was the cave made of? If the cave in Mexico was made of limestone, mineral deposits may have covered up bones of the human’s food and leftover vegetables, but the larger arrowheads may have shown.

Sincerely, Brayden



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