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Letter to Mr. Thomas Fuller

By Vincent Ng

Dear Mr. Thomas Fuller,

Hope you are doing well. I think the article you wrote about attacks on Asian Americans was very interesting and allowed me to be informed about what is happening in a state that I don’t live in. In addition to the attacks, I also learned the differences between what the asian community wants to do and what asian government officials are planning to do. With all this happening in the country right now, it is essential in my opinion to stay informed. I did some research on my own and found out that most of the attackers are people who have mental issues, are homeless, or just got out of jail. Based on this data we could also try and ask governments to provide more support for these people which can also lower the amount of attacks happening not just on asian people but everyone. While doing this, the government could also use some money on the police force which can help prevent attacks from happening or to catch attackers. Overall, I think this article explained the incidents where people attack Asian Americans very well. It also has a clear explanation on the views of the community vs the government. I really enjoyed reading this article and hope other readers also did.


Vincent Ng

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