Letter to Mike Isaac, Ana Swanson and Maggie Haberman

By: Xiuning Ye

Dear Mr. Isaac, Ms. Swanson, and Ms. Haberman,

Today I read your article of how Microsoft is pursuing to buy TikTok. Whenever I was reading the article one thing that came to mind was how smooth you wrote the format. I liked how you started by making the article interesting at first like “a potential blockbuster deal between the software giant and the viral social media phenomenon.” This caught my attention a lot as I started to read. You then went on to say how Trump thought TikTok was a national security issue which I thought was pretty interesting. You kept saying how he thought the app was a national security issue which I then thought was a bit true. In the next few paragraphs you went on to say the deal and what it might take for Microsoft to buy the app. Then you stated what microsoft may need to do to address the security issues. I liked what you did there by stating the problem and solution. Overall the article was wonderful and I would like for y'all to write more articles that way.


Ning Ye


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