Let Russ Cook

By: Ian Hill

Dear Editor,

I read your article “Is it time to let Russ Cook? Russell Wilson sure ‘likes’ the idea of the Seahawks cutting him loose earlier ” (see link below) with great interest. I am a huge fan of the Seahawks and have been very disappointed to see that Pete Carroll did not let his team use their greatest asset, Russell Wilson. I am in complete agreement that Carroll should have let Russell Wilson “run free”.

Whenever there is a play that does not go according to plan, Russell usually makes magic happen. He somehow escapes the pocket and makes a great throw. In October of this year against the Rams, Russell Wilson scrambles out of the pocket, and delivers a perfect throw to their wide receiver, Tyler Lockett in the very back of the end zone. Joe Schobert, the linebacker for the Cleveland Browns said that there was about a 1 square foot pocket where Russell could have thrown the ball for it to reach Lockett and make it possible for his feet to stay in for it to be a completed pass. This is a perfect example of Russell being one of the greatest improvisers of all time.

This year, even with Russell being restrained, he got voted the second best player, behind Lamar Jackson. If those chains were broken, he and his team would be dominant. In fact, many players voted Russell to be the best player. Casey Hayward said that his vote for the best would be Russell, and he did not think it was even close. Lamar was having viral plays, but Russell has the big games. Wilson even said that he had about 30% left in him, because he was only using about 70%.

Your article was very informative, and was also unbiased. I also liked how you subtly added in humor about Russell Wilson being a “chef”, because he needs to “cook”.


Ian Hill

EWJ Student



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