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By Ruiti He

“Honestly, I just want to help people.” Raiden defended, crossing his arms and kicking his legs onto the interrogation table.

The police officer sighed and leaned on the table, “I’m finding that hard to believe when you just confessed to five murders.”

“It was in self-defense,” The killer tried to defend himself.

Police officer Wenden opened the door and handed a file to the interrogator, “Here is the file ma’am.”

The female replied with a quick thank you and bye before turning her attention back to the task at hand. She placed the files down and looked at the young man.

“You killed five females in the span of a year and think it’s self defense? Everything here is against you here Raiden, we both know that you killed the women with purpose, the way you brutally tortured them and hid their body shows that it was not defense.” The officer explained.

Raiden’s monotone expression didn’t change as he watched the interrogator’s actions. The officer opened the file and took out two photos of a dead female’s body and placed it in front of the serial killer.

“Riana Quin, 24 years old. Her death was caused by trauma to the back of the head and numerous stab wounds.” Indigo, the interrogator, slid the image to the killer.

Raiden looked down at the image before picking his head back up and sighing, “Ok fine then. I did it. Can I just go now? I don't care whether it’s to a jail cell or the execution room. I just want to leave this place. It’s so dang cold in here.”

The interrogator complied with his request and called for guards to bring him to his cell to await another interrogation the next day.

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