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“Kids deserve the vaccine, too. It will keep them- and adults- safe.”

Dear Saad B. Omar,

I 100% agree with you on this. As far as I know, though, the reason children under the age of 12 haven’t gotten the vaccine is because they weren’t tested, like you said. I’m pretty sure they’re going to keep trying until it is available. I can’t imagine anyone would protest against this, other than the anti-vax people who don’t want vaccines in their children, if they have children.

All kids deserve the vaccine, and yes, it would protect adults from it as well. Even though most adults have the vaccine now, even with it, the virus is still contagious. Less so, but still. This applies to other children as well. Covid will never die completely without the inclusion of children having vaccines.

This article was very well written, and I agree completely.




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