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Jurassic Park Still Amazes Audiences 27 Years Later

By: Luke Wang

Jurassic Park is a film considered the opposite of obsolete trash, and it is not reluctant to show why.

First arriving in theatres in 1993, the movie was considered a game changer for the film industry, especially in the age when it was born. The thrill from the technology used, guessed it, the colossus dinosaurs from the film sure was a bucket of water used to cool the hot 1993 summer.

In the movies, the human characters are described as “dry bones,. For example, Sir Richard Attenborough played John Hammond, a billionaire who built Jurassic Park. In the movie, Hammond is shown to be an “misguided jeezer” compared to the “psychotic Walt Disney” from the original novel, showing how such characters are flattened when the words are changed into images.

The important part of the movie, also the part where the movie was praised, is the robotic dinosaur “stars” of the movie. Their creators, the movie’s technical team: Stan Winston, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren and Michael Lantieri. In order to make the dinos more lively through the actions such as breathing, honking, hunting and stempeding, the tech team decided to utilize a combined force of live-action models, puppets, hydraulics along with sophisticated and dazzling CGIs. This helped build the movie’s production cost of 60-100 Million dollars.

While the movie was criticized for its lack of strong characters, opposing critics simply pointed out that this setback is rather a “flaw” rather than a “fatality.” Spielberg’s use of the dinosaurs still managed to forge a bond of beauty and terror between these creatures and the audience. Spielberg did not turn the dinosaurs into cheap B-movie monsters or an adorable friend like Barney. In conclusion, rather than focusing on the movie as a zoo of characters, the movie works better as an amazing show put up for the human eyes.

Source: Jurassic Park

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