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Joe and the falling shoe

By: Austin Fang

Joe was walking home from school. He was exhausted, his head hurt, and he couldn’t wait to hop on to the XBOX and unwind for a little bit. However, behind him, a loud THUD shook him out of his stage. Reflexively, he turned around, and what he saw shocked him.

It was a shoe. The new Jordan 37, the ones he had begged his mom for. “We can’t. You know we can’t afford it,” His mom would reply.

Joe was bewildered, and looked up to see where the shoe had dropped from. However, there was nothing in the air. So, he decided to go on with his life.

The next day, he wore the Jordans to school. Everyone in the school was extremely shocked by Joe’s shoes. “Whoa,” someone said. “So cool!” said another. “Can I try it on?” asked his best friend, Bob. When Bob put on the shoe, his face lit up. “You’re so lucky,” he said in a bitter voice.

Joe was walking home again in his brand-new shoes when, THUD! A new pair of shoes fell from the sky! Again, there was nothing in the sky. However, Joe was happy about the new pair of shoes.

The next day, he wore his new shoes to school. “Wow,” everyone said. “You got another pair of shoes? You’re so lucky.” As he was walking home, another pair of shoes fell from the sky. And another the next day. For the next week, he would get a new pair of shoes every day. Whenever he got a new pair, he would wear those shoes to school. However, soon, his classmate’s views changed on him. Instead of thinking Joe was cool and amazing, they thought he was spoiled and was a good-for-nothing child. Even Bob wasn’t Joe’s friend anymore.

As Joe got another pair of shoes from the sky, he decided to try something new. Instead of wearing them, he brought them to school and gave them to one of his classmates. His classmate’s face broke into a wonderful smile that warmed Joe’s heart. The next day, Joe gave another pair of shoes to another classmate. She, too, broke into a huge smile and thanked him. Joe soon realized that the spirit of giving was more important than the spirit of receiving.

Soon, everyone in Joe’s school got a pair of shoes, including his teachers, principal, and coaches. Joe was no longer the spoiled kid – he was the nice kid, and everyone became friends with him.

As Joe grew up, he opened a shoe shop, and sold extremely expensive sneakers for cheap prices. Soon, Joe was known worldwide for his kindness and generosity. Joe became an influence to many people, and grew extremely rich and wealthy. Joe taught the entire world that giving was better than receiving, and that kindness is the greatest way to connect with someone.

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