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Japan Wins The First Ever Skateboarding Gold

By Kevin Bao

The first ever skateboarding gold medal goes to the host country of Japan. This is the first time ever that skateboarding is an Olympic event, and the host country Japan took it home. Japan currently leads the race in gold medals with 13. Second is China with 12 and Team USA has only 11. Japan is doing really well at their home Olympics so far and every gold counts in such a tight race for the top with China and the United States just behind Japan for the top spot. Every gold is clutch at this point. And with track just a few days away, Japan and China have to get some more medals at the Aquatics center. Because when it comes to track, the USA is one of the best. But in the field that could be a different story. All in all, Japan wins the first skateboarding gold at the Olympics and there is a very tight race for 1st.

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