Israel Vaccinates High Schoolers before Exams Start

By Julia Xiao

Israel has begun vaccinating their 16-18 year olds for Covid-19 to allow them to attend on site exams.

Israel has started with the elderly for Covid-19 vaccinations and they currently have more than a quarter of their population vaccinated. The Israeli government has extended the age range for receiving the vaccination from 40 years or older to 16 years or older (with parental permission).

The exams would decide which college that the students would attend. It has a very important role in influencing the students’ future careers.

The government has recorded more than 500,000 Covid-19 cases and over 40,000 deaths. The number of people infected is also rising.

The government had also said that they would ban passenger flights in and out of the country starting on Monday night all the way through the rest of January.

The new virus variant is also spreading very quickly and the government has taken counter measurements, like limiting transportation and public gatherings.

Foreigners have been forbidden to travel to Israel during the pandemic.



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