Is Social Media Good for Society?

By Andrew Tan

Is Social Media good for society? In my opinion I think social media is good for society.

First of all, Social Media helps connect you with your friends and family members. It helps you stay connected with them. Social Media helps you make friends. Another important example is social media right now (because of covid) is important to connect with your family. This can also help improve your writing. You can get this from texting your friends and texting your family. You can also interact with people from different countries. Social media helps you build connections with kids who have the same interests. Furthermore, social media can introduce peers and children to new content and positive ideas. Social media even teaches you some tricks that will help you in the future.

On the other hand, social media for example has cyberbullying, you can prevent them from bullying you by blocking them. Some people might try to find out your information, but you can just not say anything private to them.

In conclusion, I think social media is good for society. You just have to keep your privacy and be aware of who you are talking to.

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