How to Use Shadows and Light to Make Electricity

By Kevin Bao

When the contrasts of light and electricity are in the right position it can generate electricity. This leads scientists to believe that not all electricity needs to be generated by using man power and can actually be made by using natural resources. This helps a lot because right now humans are using too much energy and it is damaging the natural habitat. Generating this electricity is hard though, because the light and electricity  have to be at the right point at the right time.  It is also really hard because scientists need silicon rubber and that is what is used to make swim caps. Most of the time, this process also needs a light generator, which could defeat the whole goal of non-manpower energy. Still, it is better than a normal generator.

This type of generator in electricity is also really reusable which is good because reusable things are way better for the Earth than non reusable things. Being able to reuse is a big part of helping the environment. Non-reusable stuff just affects human life because being non-reusable means that it pollutes the ocean and the food and water that people need to eat will all be gone because of trash. 

This method uses electrons from the light to the shadow to produce the electricity. And this way can also gather light and energy from the shadows and the light. 

Therefore, this is a great way to generate electricity.



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