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How Three Women Dominated This Summer

By: Grace Liu

Three female artists, Taylor Swift, Greta Gerwig, and Beyonce, have taken over the 2023 summer.

All over America, fans are dressed in all pink to watch the Barbie movie. Swifties and Beyonce fans are also wearing crazy, sparkly costumes to concerts. The three women have been breaking records, and making their way across the U.S. #HotGirlSummer is now #BillionGirlSummer, as Barbie is now the first women-directed film to have grossed more than one billion dollars. Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour have also grossed similar revenues.

After the past few years of the pandemic, and the ongoing political cases, Barbie, the Eras Tour, and the Renaissance Tour are the first major music and movie events.

Swift transformed LA’s stadium for a week during her tour, bringing together thousands of fans through music. Soon, Beyonce will also bring her Renaissance Tour to the same stadium for three days.

Fans are willing to pay large amounts of money for tickets, hotels, and flights. So many Americans are devoting their time to go to concerts, and they are all pleased with their experience. There has also been almost no negative social media or news coverage for the tours and Barbie.

Barbie has generated over 1.18 billion dollars, and Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour are estimated to generate from 1 billion to over 2 billion dollars.

There are sold-out Barbie screenings in cinemas. There are also sold-out concerts for Swift’s Eras Tour, and Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour.

The popularity of these women comes from their hard work, time, and creativity. Their fans have also left aside time to go to concerts.

Recently, pop culture has been all over the place, and there are ongoing Hollywood strikes. But, Swift and Beyonce have turned things around, and have crowds singing and dancing along. Gerwig has also gotten many people to watch the new movie, and dress in all pink.

These three women were able to bring back the optimism of Americans that has vanished in the past few years.

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