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Heat Waves Around the World Cause Devastation

By: Nina Huang

If you’re living in Canada or Norway, and feel like you are going to freeze, consider yourself lucky because today’s topic is about heat waves around the world. These extreme temperatures hit areas in the United States, Portugal, France, and Spain, adversely affecting daily activities. First, let’s visit Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada to see what they are dealing with.

Heat Waves in the United States

More than half the United States has been suffocating in the heat. The temperature 100°F is already hot, but imagine living in temperatures higher than 100°F. Well, that’s just sweltering hot! Even some Northern states, which are usually cooler, are being roasted in the heat. Luckily, governments have noticed this and decided to help by setting up cooler areas so people can cool off from the heat.

Heat Waves in European Countries

Wow! I’m getting hot just thinking about this! Did you know that Spain started summer a month earlier than usual? You might be thinking, “Hey, they are lucky! I want to start summer early, too!” However, Spain’s summer started in a bad way. Spain hit 109°F in early June. France, Spain, and Portugal had to limit water supplies due to water shortages caused by a lack of rain.

Horrible Heat Waves in India and Pakistan

Well, this year the heat in India and Pakistan has been unbearable. New Delhi, India hit 111°F this year and then “cooled off” with a temperature of 90°F. Pakistan has seen similar temperatures. Pakistanis have also been experiencing power outages, fuel shortages, and lack of air conditioning. The good news is that there should be rain coming any day for these unfortunate nations.

Hopefully, my Canadian and Norwegian friends feel luckier now that they know how horribly hot it is elsewhere in the world.

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