By Vincent Liu

Have you ever been on one of those planes with a screen before? I happened to be on one on my trip to Hawaii. The plane ride was awesome(yet bad for my health)! I was watching movies and playing video games for approximately the whole 13 hours on the plane. Once we arrived we had to go through a bunch of security and scanners. That usually makes me nervous because sometimes something very important or valued to you could be not allowed. And them wearing uniforms just makes me nervous because it’s super serious. We got on the plane successfully and I just started playing games and watching movies.

 As soon as we stepped outside, I gasped in awe. Hawaii was heavenly! Well, maybe not exactly heavenly. Let’s just say it was amazing and beautiful. There were tropical trees everywhere, beautiful flowers filled up a lot of space, and the sun was radiant, brilliant, pleasant, summery, and warming. The air smelled of tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, and bananas. There were palm trees, there was clear blue saltwater, and cars driving all over the place. Then, I saw a coconut fall from a tree and nearly hit a person on the head. “Is that supposed to be normal? It’s like nobody cares,” I thought.

As if she read my thoughts, my mom said, “Don’t worry, that happens a lot”.

Afterward, we went to rent a car. Minutes later, we started driving to our hotel inside a Chevrolet. As I stared out the window, I saw all of Hawaii’s inhabitants having fun.“Hawaii is going to be fun!” I thought.”I can’t wait until tomorrow!”. Then we drove by the ocean and people were playing in the sand, having fun. Moments later, my little brother and I were at the beach.

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