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Happily Ever After

By Celina Yin

“Koi!” A red cat rushed into a small square building where a small male orange-red cat was sitting, tracing something on a scroll of paper. “Lucky!” Lucky rushed over to Koi and gave him her used map. “Thanks Lucky!” Koi said, and took the map and put it in his storage room. “Thanks Koi!” Lucky shouted over her shoulder and she walked out of the building.

Lucky arrived at the potions shop and gave her grandmother the leaf from the enchanted tree, which her grandmother put carefully into a colorful potion in a great big cauldron and let the potion boil for approximately 3 and a half minutes. Then she poured some into a small glass flask, and handed it to Lucky, who drank it. Lucky flashed once red, then blue, then yellow, and then settled down. Lucky was greenish, which meant she was anxious. Lucky looked at her paws, which turned yellow. Lucky was back again! She hugged her grandmother and rushed to Koi’s building.

A tiny light blue kitten was standing, talking to Koi. “Oh hi sissy.” The kitten said to Lucky as she rushed in. “Hey Anemone, where’s Tsunami?” Anemone opened her mouth, but then a fierce little dark blue kitten barged into the shop. “URRGGGGH. Anemone, Blobfish is being totally annoying, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Tsunami chased Anemone out of the shop.

Koi looked up from his careful calligraphing. “Hey, Lucky, your colors are normal again!” “Yep!” Lucky nodded. “Congratulations!” Koi said. “Blossom!” Koi shouted. Blossom was Lucky’s second cousin, cousin of Koi, who was a cousin of Lucky. A pretty, pink, helpful and nice-looking cat bustled out of the storage room. She had long eyelashes. “Welcome home! Winnie and the kids are waiting.”

Lucky walked home, which was a bright, big, and cozy house, with Blossom and Koi, who said that he was taking a break anyways. When Lucky opened the door, a rainbow of colors swished past her and pushed her in. “Close your eyes!” Lucky’s family chorused. Lucky closed her eyes and her family pushed her into the living room. “Open your eyes!” Lucky saw painted pictures of her on the walls, some balloons, and a big giant cake in her favorite ice cream flavor, Cookies and Cream, on the coffee table with a giant plastic “Happy Birthday” banner on top. “Think we would forget it was your birthday?” Lucky’s mother, Winnie, teased. Her family, uncles and aunts, grandmother and grandfather, Koi, Blossom, Anemone, Tsunami, all of them hugged Lucky. Lucky was happy surrounded by her family, cozied up. Lucky wouldn't have made it without her family.

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