Greenwood's Goals

By: Charles Xue

Dear Editor,

I thought your article was amazing, but I am writing this letter to address two mistakes in your article. The first one is your statement “Across town, Manchester United is paying no attention to Foden thanks to its own virtuoso, Mason Greenwood. The 18-year-old spent the entire break bulking up and has muscled his way to four goals post-lockdown”.

The problem is at the end of that sentence. You stated that Greenwood muscled his way to four goals, However, after watching the goals, I was completely convinced that this statement is wrong. During the build up of the goals, Mason Greenwood makes absolutely no physical contact with players on the opposing team. If you still don’t believe me, I’ve linked clips of the four goals below.

Greenwood’s first goal (vs Brighton)


Greenwood’s second goal (vs Bournemouth)


Greenwood’s third goal (vs Bournemouth)


Greenwood’s fourth goal (vs Aston Villa)


The second problem with your article is the statement “Arsenal has uncovered Bukay Saka, an 18-year-old so gifted that his own manager still doesn’t know the best position for him—he has been deployed in defense, midfield, and up front in the past two weeks alone.” All I have to say is that this statement is incorrect. Post lockdown, Saka has played at center midfield, outside midfield, and as a winger. So far, he hasn’t played as a defender.

Using this link, I checked all the lineups and substitutions of all of Arsenal’s post-lockdown games.


These changes can be easily fixed. For example, instead of mentioning that Mason Greenwood spent the lockdown bulking up, you could explain how no player has scored more Premier League goals from outside the box than Greenwood this season. Overall, I thought your article was amazing, but I just couldn’t tear my attention away from these two flaws.

Charles Xue




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