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God's Demotion

By Ruiti He

Lacuna walked around the unfamiliar area; there wasn’t much to see. She remembers that not too long ago, she got into an argument with some gods. They all were tired of her causing trouble and mischief.

“Stop playing around!”

“If you continue messing with the balance of the world then there will be serious consequences!”

She sighed as she listed everything that her fellow ranks had said. Lacuna knew that what she does is wrong, but for a god she was rather young. This meant more mistakes and more cleaning up after her for the others.

Lacuna had murdered a family of four a few years back. She claimed it was out of boredom but the gods didn’t accept it. She manipulated humans for her entertainment, justifying it by talking about how it was fun to watch. The female would also visit Earth to steal an expensive thing or two every now and then, and proceed to watch as the people down at Earth would struggle endlessly to figure out who was able to steal items that were locked up so securely.

Her behavior soon got out of control and they soon grew tired of having to pick up after her and reminding her of what not to do, so together they all made a decision to demote her.

Lacuna spotted a red door after walking around the area for a bit longer. She walked towards it and placed her hand on the door knob before turning it.

Her eyes twitched after being welcomed by a flamethrower being aimed at her face.

“So I was sent to hell because of what? I may have murdered a few families, stole an item or two, and broke a few laws. It’s not that bad right?” Lacuna asked no one in particular.

She sighed and walked further as the place started to reveal itself more. The place seemed to be lit aflame and there was an abundance of volcanoes that was about to erupt. Once she got further, she saw rows of houses, some appeared to be more luxurious than the others. Lacuna soon found the most lavish building and without thinking, forced her way inside.

The inside of the house was as high end as the outside. Everything looked expensive and high end. She walked around the house examining each and every corner.

While on her inspection she was stopped by a masculine voice: “Don’t breathe on that! It’s expensive!”

“And what power do you have to tell me what to do?” She mocked.

The man’s face burned up in anger as stomped his way to Lacuna and kicked her stomach. “I used to have power that everyone envied!”

“Oh? So what were you, a manager of some bankrupt company?” The female coughed out.

“I was a king!” He bellowed, spitting at the girl’s feet.

Lacuna smiled at him, her eyes full of mischief. “And I was a god.”

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