By: Jonathan Xu

The excruciating feeling when I am not able

To do what is expected of me

They all await me to become the legend from a fable

All thinking that I can pull through

Without taking into account how

I will have to get through this somehow

Never understanding what goes through our mind

That there’s nothing better than resign

From this position of extreme pressure

Never taking a single refresher

And simultaneously thinking what it would be like to

Take a break at a relaxing barbecue

The exasperation builds us as everyone expects

For me to do better than the rest

Including myself at my best

Everything I think of only serves to make myself more stressed

All the pent of anger that is held back

And nobody to refer to and confide in

There are no words to describe the pain

And the immense anguish that I cannot contain

Everybody demanding better, and driving me insane

The things I strive for but which I can never obtain

Being the one who everyone envies, but who no one wants to be

The one who can’t help but help everybody

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