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Florida Ordering Vaccines for Younger Children

Updated: Jun 26

By: Serena Tu

Florida was the only state that didn’t pre-order COVID-19 vaccines for children under five. Now, they’re finally allowing children’s hospitals, pediatricians, and other doctors to order the vaccines for younger children.

Florida reportedly missed several deadlines to pre-order vaccines to protect their younger children, because many Florida officials believed that children under five were the least vulnerable to COVID infection and that a vaccine would not be beneficial to them.

The Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, also stated that he believed children under five had “zero risk of getting anything”.

Despite the governor believing that vaccines for children under five will be unnecessary, many parents, politicians, and health officials have spoken out against the governor’s decision.

Charlie Crist, a gubernatorial candidate for Florida said that the governor “has once again failed the people of Florida when it comes to protecting them from the pandemic” and that it was “reckless and unconscionable” for the state to not order vaccines for children five years and under.

After pressure from parents, officials, and the White House, the state of Florida ultimately decided to order vaccines for younger children.

The move to finally order vaccines has earned Florida praise from the White House and several health officials for taking the step to vaccinate and keep younger children safe.

Although ordering vaccines for younger children may be a great step to keep them safe, considering that Florida ordered the vaccines later than other states, patients and children in Florida will receive the vaccine days after others will.






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