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Five Charged in Alabama Boat Fight

By: Andy Dong

Last week, after a brawl in Montgomery, Alabama, a fifth man confessed to having committed federal infractions.

The fight gained lots of attention because it seemed to be racially divided. The man, Reggie Ray, was 42 years old and turned himself into the Montgomery police. Ray was charged with disorderly conduct. He was a white boater who took part in the fight.

Ray’s arrest came after four others were charged with assault in the brawl. The fight took place along a waterfront where white men attacked a black boat captain.

The skirmish began when the captain of the Harriot II told a small boat to move out of the way using the public announcement system. However, the white boaters mocked the captain instead of moving.

Dameion Pickett, the co-captain of the Harriott, went to confront the boaters. However, the boaters attacked Pickett and the other crew of the Harriott came to his defense. In videos, Pickett is seen as striking people with a chair.

The other four people, either white boaters or onlookers who rushed to help, who turned themselves in were identified as Allen Todd, Zachery Shipman, Richard Roberts, and Mary Todd. Their ages were 23, 25, 48, and 21 respectively.

All the people who turned themselves in were charged with some form of assault.

Mayor Steven L. Reed, said, “In Montgomery, not only will we protect our team members, but we will protect our citizens. If you violate the sanctity of our community and the safety of our citizens, then you will be brought to justice.”

This boat incident could possibly show that our world still has many unkind and stubborn people that we should be aware of for our safety.

Sources: Fifth Person Charged in Alabama Riverfront Brawl

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