First Vaccines?

By Jeddy Yu

The United Kingdom has already approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. The Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) has announced that they will be distributing these Pfizer vaccines to British Hospitals. The vaccines will first be given to elderly people and hospital workers.Vaccines normally would have needed to go through more approving measures, but this is an emergency. The vaccines work by making the immune system know what the coronavirus is like so the immune system provides antibodies to fight the virus in affected people. Unlike other vaccines, such as the flu shot, the coronavirus vaccine does not have a live virus, so it is safer because the person getting the shot will not have the chance of getting it. The coronavirus vaccine is fast and easy to make, but needs to be stored in negative ninety four degrees fahrenheit. Hospitals are getting refrigerators that can store these shots, so that they can use them quickly and easily. Not only is Pfizer working on developing a coronavirus vaccine, BioNTech is also working on a coronavirus vaccine. Some Americans said even if the vaccine is made they will not not use it. But the question is, will enough people use it?



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