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Family relationship changes the life

By: Stephen Chen

Nowadays, the family relationship is often a problem for teenagers and their parents. Parents usually want children to follow their lead. They think they can help their kids get into a good university or find a person who can rely on to marry, include impacting their dating and relationship. However, this attitude causes arguments and destroys family life. Too many rules imposed on a child, especially around a subject as delicate and personal as dating, will create resentment and distance between parent and child.

It's not a reasonable way for parents to break up a teenager’s relationship or prevent their kid from dating without at least having a meaningful conversation. Some think that teens dating could harm the child and reduce their tests scores. But actually, romance is a normal, healthy, and necessary part of life for every teen to experience. Most Chinese parents will never allow their kids to date until they are over 18 years old. Despite their parents’ rules, I still have some friends who have boy/girlfriends in private school because they are not allowed to date in any public schools, or they are going to be expelled out. Almost all parents don’t have the patience to listen to their kids or try to enlighten them.

Teenagers often feels sad after a breakup. Because of their age, losing love can be an unpleasant thing which can make them feel lonely and tired to go back to school, especially in a way that they can’t stand: parents force them to be single. Children need time to recover from a period of relationship. It’s a wonderful idea for parents to give teenagers private spaces.

When a teenager’s love life is controlled, a teenager won’t want to open heart to their parents. This can cause many emotional problems, even some as serious depression. Parents should change the method of how they teach children in case kids cannot get out of trouble. It’s always effective if all family can have a regular meetings to learn about their children’s mental health, then the child will be healthier and happier.

Though dating has some disadvantages, it is often good for teens to do their work. Maybe they can supervise each other and make progress in school. But parents don’t know this, they keep separating teens. The result can’t benefit any sides.

The key for a family relationship is patience and love. The more teens feel loved by family, the more positive things they will do to improve their life. Hopefully, everyone can have a happy family!

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