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Experienced Victim

By Ruiti He

Jett felt a hand remove the blindfold from his eyes before realizing that he had been kidnapped yet again.

“This is the third time I’ve been kidnapped this week! It’s getting old,” the young boy complained.

His kidnapper, a man in his late twenties, looked at the boy before chuckling, “You must be very popular with the kidnappers then.”

Jett looked around to try to get a grasp of where he might be. He saw many torture devices, many of which could kill a person in a matter of seconds. The boy could only sigh knowing that the kidnapper would be disappointed that he won't be able to kill someone this time.

The grown man walked around the place looking for something to use to torture his victim with. As he walked around the place Jett sat on the hard concrete ground, hands and legs bound by metal chains.

“Could you hurry it up old hag, I’ve got places to be you know,” Jett said, unfrightened even in the situation that he was in.

His kidnapper looked at him dumbfounded that his victim wasn’t scared. “You’re about to die and this is how you approach death?”

Jett only scoffed and stood up off the floor, the chains falling off of his wrists and ankles. “All you kidnappers are the same, always so careless and stupid. You should always make sure that your victim is in your view or else they might escape. You should also make sure that you tie them or chain them properly as well.”

The man clenched his teeth before slowly approaching the boy and throwing an axe at him, “I don’t like being told what to do!”

Right once the axe made contact with the boy’s skin, Jett combusted into what appeared to be a million pieces. His kidnapper’s face turned bright red from the anger and cursed for letting his victim out alive.

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