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English Soccer Teams Court U.S. Fans on American Tour

By: Caroline Chen

On July 22, the streets were filled with blue on Philadelphia Street. It wasn’t 7gers blue though, it was Chelsea FC blue. The European soccer giants were in Philadelphia to face English upstarts Brighton and hove albion for the Premier League Summer series.

The Premier League Summer series has nine matches in five venues across the USA. The first US summer series included the cities of New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Orlando. Six teams are participating, including 2021 champion leader Chelsea F.C.

There is a fanfest before each game series, and the fan fest includes a lot of fun activities that anyone can participate in. People can play in the Nike skills arena, or win a Premier League jersey from a spinning wheel! It also includes old and current players hanging out with fans and giving out autographs. They hope to attract more fans to English soccer by letting them experience the fun of soccer.

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